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Tumbling Tower Christmas Tree DIY | Rustic Farmhouse Christmas DIY

This tumbling tower Christmas tree DIY is a simple and fun way to decorate your home this Christmas season. Grab a few boxes of Dollar Tree Tumbling Tower Blocks and create your own rustic farmhouse Christmas Tree.

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Step 1. Assemble the Base.

  • I used 10 blocks to assemble the base for the tree.


Step 2. Assemble Tree Branches.

  1. Hot glue 3 tumbling tower blocks together, end to end.
  2. Hot glue a craft stick to the back of each set.

Step 3. Drill Center Hole.

  • With a ruler or measuring tape find the center of each branch and drill a hole.
  • Make sure the drill bit is a little larger than the dowel to make adding the branches to the dowel easier.


Step 4. Stain Branches and Dowel.

  • Create a colored stain of your choice using acrylic paint and water.
  • Stain everything using this mixture.

Step 5. Attach Dowel to Base.

  • Hot glue another block to the top center of the base.
  • Drill a hole in the block you just added only.
  • Fill hole with hot glue.
  • Push dowel into hole and hold until it sets up.

Step 6. Apply Sealant to Branches (Optional)

  • The paint and water stain will be very dull. I recommend using gloss Mod Podge to give the branches a little shine.
  • This step is optional.

Step 7. Apply Branches to the Dowel

  • Push the branches onto the dowel.
  • If a branch doesn't want to fit use a pair of scissors to clean out or enlarge the hole.
  • Push all the branches down to the bottom of the dowel.
  • After all branches are on the dowel it is time to arrange the branches as desired.
  • What I did: Each branch was turned to the edge of the branch below. Hard to explain but if you watch the video you'll understand.

Step 8. Paint Star. (Optional)

  • I used a large metal star and painted it with white chalk paint.
  • I then used a sanding block to make the star look more rustic.
  • This step is optional.

Step 9. Add Embellishments.

  • Add any embellishments you want to your tree to make it your own.
  • What I did: I hot glued the star to the dowel and then added a buffalo check ribbon under the star.


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