Tumbling Tower Boxes DIY

Tumbling Tower Boxes DIY


If you are like me you have made a ton of things with Dollar Tree boxes and have now have just the lids laying around. 

I wanted to do something with the lids and decided to use them as the base for a couple of unique decorative boxes.

I glued the Tumbling Tower blocks around the lids.

For this box I used a block as a spacer and glued the Dollar Tree blocks around the bottom of the lid.

I went around the entire box gluing the blocks around the bottom of the lid.

I then went back and glued blocks around the top of the lid in between the blocks at the bottom of the lid.

To make sure the blocks were secure I added hot glue to the inside of the blocks.

I then stained the boxes with some gel stain I had on hand.

On another lid I glued the blocks all the way around the lid and added some wood beads to the bottom.

I think both of these turned out so stinking cute and now I have 2 less lids in my stash.

Check out the video on my YouTube channel to see this fantastic DIY along with four others.

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