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I keep seeing all these beautiful and amazing lanterns online and in stores but I personally can't afford to spend $40 + on a lantern. So let's try to DIY one!

The hardest part of this DIY was getting the skewers to bend. It took some brainstorming to figure it out.


  • I put them in hot water on the stove. I left the top part of the skewer out of the water and then placed a pickles jar on the skewers where I wanted it to be curved.
  • I left them in the hot water for about an hour.
  • I then took them out and placed them in the bathroom sink with the pickle jar still sitting on them until the next morning.

And believe it or not, it worked.


STEP 2. 

  • I used a square wood block I had in my stash. It was already painted a gray color, so no painting required.
  • I drilled small holes in the 4 corners, just a little larger than the skewers.


  • I filled each hole with hot glue and placed the skewer into the hole making sure it was point towards the center.


  • I placed 18 16 mm natural wood beads on each skewer.


STEP 5. 

  • I found this little topper in my stash. I think I got it from a while back. I order several things from there to see how they would work as craft supplies.
  • I filled the hole in the topper with hot glue and placed all of the skewer's ends in it.
  • I turned it upside down to let the hot glue dry because I didn't want it running down my skewers and beads.


  • The next thing I did was add 4 20 mm beads to the bottom for feet.

I left all the beads and the topper the natural color, but you can paint it to any color that will match your decor. I may actually paint it white and do a little distressing. I just haven't decided yet.



Items Used:

  • Natural Wood Beads
  • Wood Square
  • Wood Topper 


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