How to Stencil on Canvas

How to Stencil on Canvas

Today I will show you how to stencil using multiple stencils to create an amazing work of art!

I love to stencil, it is so relaxing to me!

Step 1.


I used this large 16x20 canvas frame and painted it with Apple Barrel Black acrylic paint.


Step 2.

I let the paint dry over night and then came back in with this Farmhouse-ish stencil.

I found the center of the frame and applied the stencil.

I then used white stencil paste over the stencil.

And removed the stencil.


Step 3.

I applied my favorite stencil under the farmhouse-ish saying making sure it was level and lined up.

The canvas has a lot of give so I tried my best to make sure the stencil was attached.

I then applied yellow paste to the bottom portion of the canvas over the stencil.

And removed it.

Step 4.

I turned the canvas around and stencil the bottom of the canvas.

And when I was finished I had this AMAZING Farmhouse canvas sign.

It turned out perfect!

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