How To Make Foam Board Look Like Wood

How To Make Foam Board Look Like Wood


I created this faux wood round sign using a Dollar Tree foam board.

I love the way this sign turned out it was exactly what I wanted and it was a lot easier working with the foam board than wood..



  • I used this large bowl from my kitchen to trace a circle onto the foam board.



  • I cut around the circle to make the foam board easier to work with because my work table just wasn't large enough.
  • After cutting the board down I used a razor blade to cut out the circle. I tried to stay on the line as much as possible so my circle would look good.
  • I did have a couple of places where I got off the line so I went back in and trimmed those areas.


  • Using a measuring tape I found the center of the circle and marked it.
  • I then measured 2 inches up and placed 2 more marks.
  • I then used a straight edge and cut shallow lines at the marks. I didn't cut completely thru the foam board. I was wanting it to look like boards at the top.

I placed a piece of painters tape below the pencil mark in the center of the circle and pressed it down firmly.



  • To create the knots and marks that you find in wood I used a couple of things.
  • To create puncher marks I used a bottle opener and pressed it into the foam board in sporadic places and turned it different ways. I didn't want any type of pattern, just random marks.

  • To create the knot holes some people use their fingernails to make the knot holes but I don't have any so I used the other end of the bottle opener and it works perfect.

  • I just press it down to create an indention and to rip throw the top paper on the foam board.
  • To create tiny what I call worm holes I used my create tool and just jabbed it around and then turned it upside down to create little notches.



For the wood I was going for a gray color.

To create the look I used dark gray, light gray, black, and white chalk paint. I also used white wax.

I used a Dollar Tree sponge. Some people use a natural bath sponge but I didn't have one on hand but I have used this type of sponge in the past and it works great.

I dipped the sponge in the dark gray and the white wax to start with and started putting it on the foam board. I made sure my strokes went from side to side.

I then tried to use a makeup sponge to get into the cracks I had cut. I gently separated the cracks and rubbed the sponge down them.

I used my kitchen sponge and dipped it into the light gray and the white wax. I spread this mixture over the foam board until I like the way it was turning out.

Next I used black and white wax. I rubbed it into the knot holes and the marks I wanted to be seen.

I didn't like that the black wasn't showing up the way I wanted so I used a small paint brush and applied black paint to the knot holes, cut lines, and other markings I wanted to show.

I actually bent the foam board back so I could get into the grooves. But be careful, you don't want to rip the back of the foam board.

I know it looks like I have really messed up but just wait until I blend it.

Next I dabbed the sponge into the white and white wax and started applying it to the board.

I let the paint dry for about 10 minutes and then applied more white paint and wax. And look at how much it looks like real wood.


I removed the tape slowly from the center making sure the paper top wasn't being pulled up.

I then painted the bottom of the board with Ivory chalk paint.

While the paint dried I created a cut file in design space.

I used 2 coats of Waverly Plaster chalk paint on the bottom half of the sign and them applied a layer of mod podge to the entire board and let it dry.

I centered the saying onto the board and removed the transfer tape.


I used some ribbon in the middle and hot glued it to the back of the board.


I then used some thick twine around the outside. This help to cover up the fact that I was using foam board.

I made a little hoop out of the twine.

Before I glued it I actually taped it down and hung it on the wall to make sure it hung straight. Does anyone else have a problem with things not hanging straight or is it just me.

I then glued it to the mark on the back.

I love this sign. I think this is my favorite project so far. I can't wait to show it off!


Items Used:

 Dollar Tree:

  • Foam Board
  • Nautical Rope


  • Various Acrylic and Chalk Paints
  • Ribbon


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