How to Make an Oversized Gnome Using a Dollar Tree Tomato Cage

How to Make an Oversized Gnome Using a Dollar Tree Tomato Cage


I think I have become obsessed with gnomes. I wanted to make a larger gnome so I picked up a tomato cage from Dollar Tree for this oversized gnome.

I made this gnome using neutral colors so I could use him year-round by simply adding accessories.

Step 1. Put the tomato cage together. This is a little tricky but I finally figured it out.


Step 2. Tape the top poles of the tomato cage together and tape the rings to the poles so they won't keep moving. I was having a hard time keeping the rings in place so I used some painters tape to hold them where I wanted them to be.


Step 3. Cut strings off the top of the mop head.


Step 4. Cut a piece of cardstock to glue the stings onto. I have found this is easier than gluing the strings directly to the gnome.


Step 5. Glue the strings to the cardstock. I glued the first row directly to the cardstock and then added another layer on top of the first for a thicker beard.


Step 6. Glue cardstock around the bottom of the tomato cage. I did so the fabric wouldn't fold into the holes between the rings.


Step 7. Glue the fabric around the bottom of the tomato cage. I glued it directly to the cardstock I had done in Step 5.


Step 8. Apply glue to the back of the cardstock with the strings and then press it onto the fabric. You may want to hold it until it dries.  You may also want to put extra glue around the fabric where you are going to be putting the beard to help it not droop.


Step 9. Paint a ping pong ball any color you want. I used this tan color chalk paint.


Step 10. After the paint has dried attach the nose in the middle of the beard.


Step 11. Glue the fabric on for the hat. I glued it right below where the beard started so the fabric would cover up the top of the beard I had glued.



Dollar Tree Items Used:

  • Mop Head
  • Baby Blanket
  • Hand Towels
  • String
  • Ping Pong Ball

Other Items Used:

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