How to Make a Valentines Day Ombre Wreath

How to Make a Valentines Day Ombre Wreath


For this video I picked up a Valentines Day decoration and some various colors of Roses. This Valentines Day Ombre Wreath turned out amazing.

It was simple to make, even a beginner with a hot glue gun should be able to make this beautiful Valentines Day Wreath.

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For this project I used a tinsel colored heart from Dollar Tree.

Step 1.

I removed all the tinsel and then cut all the little pieces from the edge.

Step 2.

I started with the lightest color roses for the first 2 rows. I used hot glue and glued the roses to the wreath form.

For the second 2 rows I used the medium color roses.

For the last 2 rows I used the darkest roses to create an ombre effect.

Step 3.

After gluing the roses down I turned the heart over and added roses to bare spots.

Step 4.

I added a piece of twine to the back so the wreath could be easily hung. I kept the twine short because I didn't want it to be seen when the wreath was hanging.

    The wreath turned out amazing and it cost less than $10.

     Dollar Tree Items Used:

    • Valentines Day Heart Shaped Wall Hanging
    • Various Colors Roses
    Other Items Used:
    • Hot Glue Gun

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