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How to Make a Solo Cup Holder with a Maker Holder

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming I wanted to show you how I made this Solo Plastic Cup Holder with a place for a marker. This Solo Cup Holder will help save on cups and the confusion of whose cup is this. All your guest have to do is write their name on the Solo Cup they choose.

This is a simple project as long as you know how to use a few power tools, and if not, get your hubby to help you!

I am excited to be using this Solo Cup Holder this Holiday season! Hopefully, we won't get overly confused and concerned about "is that my cup?"

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Project Steps.

Step 1.

  • Place the cups side by side and decide how large your box will need to be.
  • My measurements were 10" Long x 4" Wide.

Step 2.

  • Cut your wood down to the size you need them.
  • I also added 4 corner pieces about 1.5" wide.

Step 3.

  • Using wood glue and clamps put the bottom of the box together and set it to the side.


Step 4.

  • Put your box together.
  • I used wood glue and a nail gun to do this.

Step 5.

  • Use wood glue and attach the bottom to the box.

Step 6.

  • Use clamps to secure everything until the wood glue dries.
  • I left my box clamped for 2 days but you only need to wait 24 hours.

Step 7.

  • Remove clamps.

Step 8.

  • Sand the box.

Step 8.

  • Paint the entire box, inside and out.
  • I used black chalk paint on mine.

Step 9.

  • I used my Cricut and cut out the saying but you could write on it with paint pens.

Step 10.

  • Attach pen divider.


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