How to Make a High-End Wood Tray?

How to Make a High-End Wood Tray?

How to Make a High-End Wood Tray

Using Dollar Tree Items

I used a $3 wood tray from Dollar Tree to create a high-end decor piece for my home.

This beautiful display tray has got to be one of my favorite high-end decor pieces that I have made. No one would believe it came from Dollar Tree and cost me less than $5 to make.


Step 1.

I stained the wood tray with some gel stain from my stash.

I applied the gel stain to all the sides and wiped it with a paper towel to remove the excess.

I wasn't worried about the center because I had another idea for it.



Step 2.

I found this beautiful textured contact paper on Amazon, which you can find in my Amazon store, and applied it to the middle of the tray.


Step 3.

After cutting the contact paper to size I removed the backing and applied it to the center of the tray.


Step 4.

I cut the contact paper just a little to small.

To cover up my mistake I used some of this faux leather ribbon also from Amazon and in my Amazon store.

I cut the faux leather to size and hot glued it into place.


I think this little tray turned out so high-end looking, it looks like something you would get from Kirkland's. I love it.


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