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How to Make a Food Grade Tiered Tray Using Dollar Tree Plates for Less Than $5

I have fallen hard for tiered trays and really like making my own.

I wanted a tiered tray I could use for cupcakes and other food-related items. The trays I usually make are painted and I am afraid to put food on them. So I came up with the idea to use Dollar Tree plates and saucers to make a tiered tray.

Step 1.

  • I purchased a small banister railing from Lowes.
  • I took it outside and used a miter saw to cut it down to length.

Step 2.

  • I used antiquing wax to stain the wood sections of the tiered tray.

Step 3.

  • Find the center of the bottom plate.

Step 4.

  • Place a large dab of E6000 to the center of the plate and the center of the wood.
  • Apply hot glue around the edges of the wood.
  • Apply to the plate and press down until hot glue has set up.
  • The hot glue will hold everything in place until the E6000 has time to cure which usually takes 24 - 48 hours.

Step 5.

  • Do the same as step 4 to attach the top plate.

Step 6. (Optional)

  • I want a handle on the top of this tiered tray. This step is optional if you want to leave the handle off.
  • Find the center of the top plate.
  • Attach the wood piece to the plate following Step 4.
  • I used a drawer pull and attached it to the top of the wood using E6000 and hot glue.


The tiered tray turned out better than I hoped for! I LOVE it!


I will be using this adorable tiered tray for Valentine's Decor.

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