How to Make a Bedspring Bird's Nest for your Spring Decor

How to Make a Bedspring Bird's Nest for your Spring Decor

 A few days ago I took a couple of Box Springs apart.

I went on Pinterest to see what all I could do with the Bedsprings, and I saw this adorable bedspring Bird's Nest. I read the instructions and thought "hey, this bird's nest seems easy enough".

That was my first bird's nest mistake but the bird's nest turned out better than I expected but it was a very messy project.

This  is a very messy project. So I would recommend using a box or something with sides to try to contain all the grass and glue.


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Step 1.

I had an old bundle of wheat in my stash and thought hey that would be a great bird's nest.

I cut the wheat and added it to a bowl with water and mod podge.

Step 2.

With my hands, I mixed the wheat, mod podge, and water until the wheat was covered well.

By now my hands were so sticky I couldn't touch anything. So I just kept going with it.

I continued adding wheat to the bowl and trying to make a bird's nest shape.

Step 3.

I tried to use my hot air gun to dry the mixture but I think I added way too much water.

I took the mixture out of the bowl and tried to dry the bottom of the nest.

And all the white you see is the water and mod podge. I should have put another bowl or a cookie sheet under the nest.

But I used a paper towel to soak up what I could from my work table.

And continued trying to shape up the nest.

Step 4.

Because everything was so wet I decided to try to squeeze as much water out as I could.

I tried to break up as much of the wheat as I could because at this point I had so much glue on me I didn't want to touch my scissors or anything else.

I continued working with the mixture until I was able to form a nest.

Step 5.

I left the nest sitting on a cookie sheet overnight to let it dry.

The next day this is what I had. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I used some moss and applied it randomly to the nest with hot glue.

Step 6.

To attach the nest to the bed spring I used this piece of wood. Glued it to the small end of the bedspring and then glued the nest to the wood.

I put various color and size Dollar Tree eggs in the nest and look at how stinking cute this little bird's nest turned out.

Items Used:

 Dollar Tree:

  • Foam Eggs

Other Items:

  • Bed Spring
  • Wheat Bundle
  • Small Round Wood Piece
  • Mod Podge


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