Happy Spring Farmhouse Wood Sign Tutorial | DIY

Happy Spring Farmhouse Wood Sign Tutorial | DIY

To make this Hello Spring sign I used a frame from Dollar Tree and these pieces of wood.

And stained the wood with antiquing wax.


Step 1.

I took everything out of the frame and once the wood had dried inserted it into the black frame.

I put a line of hot glue around the inside of the frame and then pressed the wood into the frame.

Step 2.

I found this cute free cut file at Design Bundles. I'll leave a link to the file in the description so you can get this free file.

After sizing, cutting the vinyl and applying it to transfer tape I used this old gift card to apply the vinyl to the sign.

I actually messed up. I should have aligned the top 2 rows on the side because when I got to the next, longer row I had to apply it more towards the left side.

But hey, I still think this is the cutest spring sign.

Step 3.

I used my iron trick to get the vinyl to adhere to the wax and to give it more of a painted look.

I then used my weeding tool and pressed all the vinyl into the cracks in the wood. This will also give your sign more of a finished look.

And I ironed it again.

Step 4.

Next I applied matte Mod Podge to the entire sign.

And just look at how cute this sign turned out.

 Items Used:

Dollar Tree:

  • Square Frame



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