Gingerbread Man Tier Tray Decor DIY

Gingerbread Man Tier Tray Decor DIY

I created some adorable Gingerbread Men using an item from Target's Bullseye Spot. This adorable Gingerbread man tier tray addition cost me less than $5 and turned out so stinking cute!

Step 1.

I painted 2 of the little spacemen with Folk Art Java chalk paint.


Step 2.

I painted the front side of the spacemen with Folk Art Territorial Beige acrylic paint. 


Step 3.

For the eyes, mouth, and buttons of the Gingerbread men I used black 3D fabric paint. 


Step 4.

I used white 3D fabric paint around the outside edge and for the feet of the gingerbread men.

The 3D paint worked great! It looks like actual icing on the gingerbread men.

The best thing about using these Target puzzle pieces is they can stand up on their own, so there is no need in trying to figure out how to make them stand up.

Watch the video above to see how I created all the items on this Gingerbread tier tray.

I think the Gingerbread men are perfect on this tier tray. 

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