Favorite Candlestick Birdhouses!

Favorite Candlestick Birdhouses!

How to Make a Candlestick Birdhouse

Using Dollar Tree Bird Houses!

I had 2 Dollar Tree birdhouses in my stash and decided to use them to make some high-end decor.

Step 1.

The first thing I did was paint the roof and perch of each with Folk Art Black Metallic paint.


Step 2.

I then painted the eaves and around the bottoms with White Chalk Paint.


Step 3.

On the first birdhouse I used some of this textured contact paper you can find in my Amazon store for the sides of the birdhouse.

I cut it down to size and smoothed it out with a squeegee.


Step 4.

I removed the excess paper using a fingernail file.


To finish the houses off I applied a layer of matte mod podge to seal and protect the birdhouse.

Step 5.

I ordered a set of 4 candles stick from Amazon, also in my Amazon store, and painted them with White Chalk paint.

I used one taller candlestick and one shorter one for the birdhouses.

Step 6.


After the paint had dried on the candlesticks I attached the birdhouse to them with hot glue.



And just look at how stinking cute these birdhouses turned out.

Of course, I adore the neutral colors.

What colors will you be using for your candlestick birdhouses? Let me know in the comments.

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