Farmhouse-Inspired Solid Wood Plant Bench

Farmhouse-Inspired Solid Wood Plant Bench

Farmhouse Plant Bench

Kirkland's Dupe

This adorable farmhouse plant bench has to be the sweetest way to display treasured items in your home or as a display on your porch. 

This farmhouse-inspired solid wood plant bench is made using paint sticks, yes paint sticks. Can you believe it? 

I found one online and fell in love with it but it was priced for $129.99. 

I decided to duped it instead of shelling out $130. The total cost to create this adorable farmhouse plant bench was less than $20.

So, to get started I had to figure out how large I wanted it to be.


  • For the back part of the bench I used 5 large paint sticks from Home Depot. They were 21 inches long.
  • I used the smaller paint sticks to as spacers.
  • Once I got the back part set up I took 2 more 21" paint stick and marked where I needed to cut them. They will be the supports in the back of the plant bench.

I took all the wood outside and cut them using a miter saw.


Next I needed to make the box for the seat to sit on.

  • I used a plant stake from Dollar General for this. They have these sticks for $1. I purchased about 20 of them on my last trip. They can be used for so many different projects.
  • I cut the larger pieces to the same width as the back and the side pieces I cut to 4.5".
  • I used Gorilla Glue, hot glue and staples to hold the box frame together. I also used a square to make sure the box frame was square.
  • I added staples to all the corners of the box frame. And also to the back of the back part.

I was afraid I would get glue on my mat so I replaced it with some craft paper while I worked on the plant bench.


The next step was to attach the box frame to the back.

  • I cut 2 more pieces of the plant stick from Dollar General at the height I wanted the seat. I glued them in place and added clamps to hold them until I could get them square and level.


  • I put the box frame against the back and used a level. I marked where the box frame needed to sit.
  • I laid the back down on my work table and applied glue between the marks I had just made on the back.
  • I then aligned the box frame, check the levelness, and clamp everything together.

After the glue dried I removed all the clips.



  • I used Waverly Plaster Chalk Paint to paint the entire plant bench. I painted both the front and back.

While I waited for the paint to dry on the bench I cut the wood for the seat of the bench.


  • I mixed up water, dark gray acrylic paint, and black acrylic paint to create a dark gray stain for the seat.
  • I used a Dollar Tree kitchen sponge to apply the stain mixture to the wood and wiped it down with a paper towel.



  • Once everything was dry it was time to put the seat on.
  • I used hot glue and pressed the stained wood down and held it in place until it was set.

This is the cutest little plant bench ever and I can't wait to show it off.

Items Used:

  • 5 gallon paint sticks
  • Garden stacks
  • Wood Planks


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The paint sticks were used for the “seat” as well, correct?


That is such an adorable bench. I love making things and I love benches and chairs for my garden/yard. Thank you for sharing your idea


This is incredibly beautiful and I will try my best to make this bench. I love it so much! So creative. Thank you for sharing.

Felitia MacAlpine

What a cool idea.
Im going to try to make one.
Thanks so much


This bench is adorable. I fell in love with it. I’ve used those paint sticks before in making a box n painted it white wash . I definitely would love to try this bench.

Michelle Dehart

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