Egg-Static Easter Tray and Eggs Decor DIY

Egg-Static Easter Tray and Eggs Decor DIY


This is the cutest Easter Decor piece I have made so far. I just LOVE how this little farmhouse Easter Tray and Eggs turned out!

I used 2 Dollar Tree wood trays, 2 paint stir sticks and 1 small piece of wood from Hobby Lobby.


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Step 1.

The first thing I did was stain all the wood with a mixture of water and black paint to get the gray color.


Step 2.

After the stain was dry I used Gorilla Glue and hot glue to attach everything.

I put the Gorilla glue around the outside of the paint stick and then put hot glue in the middle.

I did this so the hot glue would help hold everything while the Gorilla glue dried.

Gorilla glue will dry completely in approximately 2-4 hours.

I placed the stir sticks on the back edge of the tray and held them in place until the hot glue dried.


Step 3.

I marked where I wanted the top tray to go with a pencil. And then made a square within the lines with the Gorilla glue and added the hot glue to the center.


Step 4.

I then used various clips to hold everything tight until the Gorilla glue had dried.

I actually let it sit for a day while I worked on other projects.


Step 5.

Next, I removed all the clips and used this piece of wood from Hobby Lobby. I attached it using hot glue since it wouldn't be holding anything.

Step 6.

I mixed up water and black paint again to stain the top piece of wood.

I decided I wanted the tray to be a little darker so I went ahead and used the stain mixture on the entire piece.

This time I used my hot air gun to dry the entire piece.


Step 7.

I created the Egg-static Easter in design space and used my Cricut to cut the vinyl.

I applied the vinyl to the top piece of wood trying to get it centered.


Step 8.

I cut 2 pieces of ribbon, one for each box. I cut them long enough that I could hot glue them in the back.

I wanted to cover up the part of the bottom box that didn't stain the same as the rest of the box with the ribbon.

So I aligned the ribbon for both boxes at the bottom.

I used painter's tape when I had the ribbon in place and then pulled it tight and straight and glued it in the back.

When I was finished I removed the tape.


Step 9.

I felt like it needed something else.

I used a piece of twine and tied a bow then hot glued it to the top center of each box.


Step 10.

For the hay I used some crinkle shred from Dollar General. I filled both the bottom and top trays until I was happy with the way they looked.




Items Used:

Dollar Tree Items:

  • Twine
  • Wood Tray (2)

Other Items:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Paint Stir Sticks


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