Easy Spring Truck DIY using Wood Flowers

Easy Spring Truck DIY using Wood Flowers


In this tutorial, I will be using some Sola Wood Flowers to create a door hanger for my front door.

I found the flowers I wanted to use out of the 100 Random flowers bundle from Sola Wood Flowers.



Step 1.

I knew I wanted 3 different color flowers for this project. So I added water to 3 bowls. I then added the paint to each bowl and mixed it well.

The colors I used to die the flowers:

  • Apple Barrel Purple Iris
  • Apple Barrel Tuscan Teal
  • Apple Barrel Yellow Flame


Step 2.

I dipped each of the flowers into the color I wanted it to be. I moved it around and tried to make sure the entire flower was stained.

I placed the flowers into a box for the time being.


Step 3.

After I had all of the flowers stained I moved them to a cookie sheet. I turned the oven to 210 and left them in the oven for 20 minutes.

I checked them every 5 minutes or so until they had dried.


Step 4.

While the flowers were in the oven I painted this truck sign with chalk black paint on the wheels, and Apple Barrel Bikini Blue mixed with a small amount of Burnt Umber.


 Step 5.

I created this cut file using Ink Scape and cut it using my Cricut and used transfer tape to apply it to the truck.


Step 6.

I painted the eggs in the back of the truck with Burnt Umber. This is where the Sola Wood Flowers will go.

Step 7.

Once the flowers had dried I removed them from the oven and let them cool.

I used hot glue and attached the flowers over the eggs in the back of the truck.



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