Easy Spring Decor Bunny Painting | Easy Easter Bunny Painting

Easy Spring Decor Bunny Painting | Easy Easter Bunny Painting

I wanted to add something different to my Spring Decor.

I have been watching other YouTube videos on acrylic painting and decided to give it a try. I used a Dollar Tree canvas to create an easy spring decor bunny painting.

Years ago I hand-painted wood signs and really found it enjoyable and relaxing. But I only did a few paintings on canvas. 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and realized it's not all that hard to create something amazing for your home decor.



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Step 1.

  • Find an image online that you would like to use as your template for the painting. I searched "Bunny with Flower Crown" and found the image I used.
  • This painting is for Personal Use Only so it is fine to use any image you find online. If you are going to be doing this and selling the painting you will need to find an image that is approved for Commercial Use.


Step 2.

  • I used PicMonkey to remove the background on the image and to size it to fit the canvas.


Step 3.

  • Mix colors and paint the background.


Step 4.

  • After the background has dried use a piece of carbon paper to trace the image onto the canvas.
  • I laid the carbon paper down and then centered the image on the canvas. I used painters tape to hold both down while I traced it.


Step 5.

  • Trace the image onto the canvas.
  • I only traced the outline of the image. I didn't trace the flowers or details at this point.


Step 6.

  • Paint the inside of the ears. 
  • I used a mixture of white and pink for the inside of the ears.


Step 7.

  • Paint in the bunny.
  • I mixed white and black to paint my bunny gray. You can use any color you want for your bunny.


Step 8.

  • Outline the bunny with a darker color.
  • I used Burnt Umber for the eyes, outline and details in the bunny.


Step 9. 

  • After the bunny had dried I used carbon paper again to trace the outline of the flowers and leaves on the top and around the bunny's head.


Step 10.

  • Paint in the leaves and flowers with colors you like.



Supplies Used in this Project. 

Dollar Tree Items Used:

  • 8x10 Canvas

Other Items Used:


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