Easy Sew Tier Tray Fabric Bunny

Easy Sew Tier Tray Fabric Bunny

I love decorating my tier tray's with different items depending on the season.

Today I will show you how I made this adorable tier tray bunny Tier Tray. This is a simple project with a big impact. I used basic sewing stitches in this project and it only took me about 15 minutes to complete.

I used a buffalo print bandana I got for .99 from Hobby Lobby this past weekend.

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Step 1.

I had this little bunny cutout that I used as a template. With a sharpie I traced the bunny onto the back of the fabric. I actually folded the bandanna in half before tracing so I would have 2 bunnies cut the same.

Step 2. 

After tracing it, I cut the bunny on the lines I had traced.

Step 3.

I then put the bunnies together and used pins to hold them in place.

Step 4.

I used a basic sewing stitch to sew the bunny from foot to foot. Leaving a space in the middle to add the stuffing.

I am showing the stitch I used on this white felt.

Step 5.

I then started adding the stuffing and used a dowel to get the stuffing up into the ears.

Step 6.

After I added the stuffing I went back around the outside of the bunny to close up any holes. I want the bunny to look handmade and rustic.

I continued stitching the entire bunny and closed the hole at the bottom.

Step 7.

I decided the bunny need some eyes. I found these 2 buttons in my stash and sewed them onto the bunny. Trying to make sure they were center.

Step 8.

The last thing I did was add a piece of twine around his neck and tied a little bow.

Items Used.

Dollar Tree Items Used:

  • Twine 

Other Items Used:

  • Buffalo Print Bandana (Hobby Lobby)
  • Buttons
  • Stuffing

And look at him. He is so adorable and looks amazing on my Spring tiered tray.

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