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I picked up a couple of little Christmas trees from Dollar Tree a while back. When I took them out of the box they reminded me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Scrawny and NOT pretty at all!

I will transform this Charlie Brown tree into a beautiful tabletop tree you will want to be displayed in your home!

Step 1.

  • I took both of the trees out of the boxes and fluffed them up as much as I could.

Step 2.

  • I used a bag of wired garland and began wrapping them around the center of the tree in the bare spots.
  • I used an entire bag of wired garland for each tree.

Step 3.

  • I cut down the floral foam so it would fit into the little box.

Step 4.

  • I removed the bottom portion of the tree. All I had left was the metal pole.


Step 5.

  • I tried to center up the tree in the box and pushed the metal pole into the floral foam as far as it would go.

Step 6.

  • I used a small box of mini led battery power LED Christmas lights and wrapped them all around the tree.
  • I was able to lay the battery pack on top of the floral foam.
  • I used some brown burlap to cover the foam and the battery pack.

Watch the Video for the Full Tutorial.

I decorated the trees with handmade ornaments and used them in most of my Christmas decor pictures.

The trees were just so stinkin' cute after I got them decorated I just loved them!


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