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Christmas Tree Craft for Kids | Simple Home Decor | Kid Friendly

Hey, all my crafty friends! So who's ready to do some Christmas crafting? 🖐

I hope you like this video and find some inspiration to go and do something fun in your home too!

In today's video, I am making 2 wood and scrapbook paper Christmas trees. This is an easy project that can be done with the kiddos.

 Watch Video for Full Tutorial

Project Steps.

Step 1. Wood Strips.

  • I used wood from Hobby Lobby which I had to cut in half using a miter saw. This project can be done using large craft sticks for a kid-friendly craft.


Step 2. Sanding.

  • I sanded each piece of wood to remove all the rough places after cutting.


Step 3. Cut Paper to Size

  • I used buffalo check and Christmas themed scrapbook paper.
  • Cut each piece down to fit on each wood piece.


Step 4. Attaching Paper to Wood

  • I used Mod Podge to attach the paper to each wood strip.
  • This can be done using white glue.


Step 5. Sand Edges. (Optional)

  • After all the pieces had dried I used a sanding block and sanded the paper and the edges to give everything an aged look.
  • This is optional. If you want more of a modern look skip this step.


Step 6. Apply Antiquing Wax (Optional)

  • I used antiquing wax to give this tree more of a rustic aged look.
  • If this isn't your style or if you don't have any antiquing wax this step can be skipped.

Step 7. Attaching the Tree.

  • I used a glue gun to attach small craft sticks to the back of each tree.
  • This can also be done using white glue for a kid-friendly version.


Step 8. Apply Finish. (Optional)

  • I applied Mod Podge to the trees to give them more of a finished look and to make sure the paper was attached on all of the strips.


Step 9. Building the Base.

  • If you want to display these trees on a tiered tray, table, bookcase, shelf, etc. you will need to build a base. These trees will not stand up by themselves, the wood is not thick enough.
  • I used 3 Tumbling Tower blocks to create a stand.

Other Display Options.

  • Drill a hole in the top and attach twine to hang on a tree or wreath.


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