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High-End Farmhouse Thrift Flip

I LOVE a good thrift flip! What about you?

I picked up this piece from Goodwill awhile back because I knew it could be so much more. It was Farmhouse-ish but I wanted to give it a little bit more character. The best part was...I gave less than $2 for it, bonus points for being so cheap!

After cleaning it up and getting all the dust off of I repainted the chalk board part with some CHALK BOARD PAINT. I found this bottle on Amazon years ago. (It has been sitting in my stash and this is the second time I have used it, but trust me I will be using it more often!)

I flipped the piece over and used a small screw driver to remove all the tiny screws from the back so I could remove the it.

I used my heat gun and a scrapper to remove the hot glue from this area.

I flipped it back over and removed the little back hooks from the front, well all of them except this 1 stubborn on at the end. It just would not unscrew.

I then painted the entire piece with Folk Art Imperial Red chalk paint.

While everything dried I attached some of this buffalo plaid burlap over the cork board.

I painted mod podge over the cork board and then pressed the burlap onto it using my hands and a roller.

I replaced the hooks on the front and the back.

And just look at how stinking adorable it turned out.

I love the red paint with the black and white burlap.


Check out the video on how I FLIPPED this!

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