Bathroom Storage Thrift Flip

Bathroom Storage Thrift Flip


Looking for a little extra storage for your home? This Goodwill find plus a little paint turns out so stinking cute.

I picked up a little wood crate at Goodwill and it has been sitting in my stash for a while.


The crate was cute just like I found it but I wanted something for my guest bath.

The first thing I did was sand all the old stamps off of the box. I did this because I knew I wanted to paint it white and the black would have bleed thru the white chalk paint.

I used a couple of sanding blocks to remove the stamps that were on the box and to smooth the rough edges.


I painted the entire thing with Folk Art White Chalk Paint.

I made sure to get between the slats and the inside also.


Once the paint was dry I used a ruler and marked were I wanted to drill a couple of holes on each side of the crate.

With my drill and a large drill bit I drilled holes in the side of the box.

I cut 2 pieces of rope the same length and placed them in the holes to create handles on the box.


I used a small wood sign from Dollar Tree and painted it with black chalk paint.

I created this cut file in Design Space using the Skinny Font that I got from and placed it on the little sign.

Since this will be in the bathroom I added a layer of Satin mod podge to protect and seal it.

To attach the sign to the box I used my drill and drilled 2 holes towards the top center of the box.

I cut the rope that was attached to the sign, feed it thru the holes and tied knots to hold the sign on.


I love how this project turned out and it cost me less than $5 to make thanks to Goodwill and Dollar Tree!

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