Full Size Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks


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Incredibly tough & versatile, Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks provide a long term hold even on hard to bond surfaces. The clear adhesive works with both high and low-temperature glue guns and features an extended working time for added convenience for all types of projects.

Gorilla Hot Glue is also weather-resistant and incredibly durable, keeping your projects safe from seasonal temperature swings that can cause other glues to fail.


  • Weather Resistant: For Indoor and outdoor use
  • The high temperature for strong bonding: wood, plastic, metal, glass, and more
  • Low temperature for delicate materials: floral, fabric, foam, jewelry, and more
  • All temperature: safe for both high and low-temperature glue guns
  • 45 second extended working time
  • Versatile: Works on hard to bond surfaces like metal & glass