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I saw this cute printable on Pinterest and decided to make a wood sign using craft sticks and a canvas from Dollar Tree.

I started my DIY journey years ago by painting wood signs for family and friends. I love coming up with new wood sign designs and showing others how simple a wood sign is to make.

Step 1.

  • Remove the canvas from the frame.
  • I used a utility knife and a pair of pliers to do this.

Step 2.

  • Glue craft sticks onto cardstock.

Step 3.

  • Paint craft sticks.
  • I used white chalk paint, use a color that compliments the colors in your half bath.

Step 4.

  • Paint the canvas frame.
  • I used black chalk paint on the frame.

Step 5.

  • Attach the frame to the craft sticks.
  • I hot glued the frame to the craft sticks.

Step 6.

***Sorry for the reverse letter, I was using a different camera and didn't realize it was recording backward. LOL

Step 7.

  • Create a messy bow and attach it to the frame.

Step 8.

  • Attach a hanger.
  • I used twine and glued it on the back so the sign could be hung on a wall or sat on a shelf.

Watch the Video for the Full Tutorial.

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